TPKtalk for Mar 29


Been a bit, I know. Getting my head sorted out from this burnout, and trying to find a process where I don’t burn out every five months. It’s actually working, too. Insights will be shared in good time. Meanwhile, come to Nerd Fest today! And also other things.

Nerd Fest

It’s just a few hours until Nerd Fest, a celebration of all things dorky in Kitchener Waterloo. I’ll be there playing with Woot Suit Riot, opening for Toronto nerd band Copy Red Leader. There’s video games, t-shirt hacks, drinking, speakers, and more! It starts at 2pm at the Victoria Park Pavilion, and tickets are only $15 at the door. Come down, say hello, and have fun, we’ll be there until the wee hours of the morning.

Mini painting as art

Dave, who runs Wargaming Tradecraft, is trying to get DeviantArt to recognize miniature painting as a separate category of art. It’s not traditional painting, and it’s not making miniature things. Head over and give him some support, or add to the discussion. Hobbying is art.

Headshots from the Heart

A bit of self-love today. Headshots from the Heart 2014 is underway. We’ve got some incredible sponsors coming on board and a lot of fun planned. We’ll be doing a 24 hour a live stream marathon playing Borderlands 2 for charity, but we’ve also got an open door expo happening during the day, and an all night gaming party. Tune in May 3-4 to support us, and I’m happy to answer any questions here or on Twitter.

Headshots from the Heart banner

Muffin Button!

There’s an ATM in New York City that will give you a cupcake any time you want. Put in your card, punch in your order, and get a cupcake. I want one of these on every corner. No, two. At least two. Because sometimes it’s 3am and you just need a cupcake.

Dan taps this sheet of mousetraps. You won’t believe what happens next.

Yes you will. Things get out of hand. Gavin and Dan make all kinds of amazing slow motion films.


Come to Nerd Fest!


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