TPKtalk for Mar 1

Jamie Smart, Get on with it then

It’s a brave new world here. My house is soon to be occupied by eleventeen people as we edit some video like mad. It’s going to be exciting, and I can’t wait. Also there will be snacks. It’s basically a party. But you can’t be there. My apartment is small. Instead, learn things, find Kickstarters, and do your own awesome stuff in today’s TPKtalk!

Sharpen your hooks

I just finished listening to this episode of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, and they do an incredible job of laying out how players can develop hooks in their backgrounds for the GM, and how the GM can help coach their players about it. Definitely worth a look for that and a lot more.

Jamie Smart's Get on with it then

Art by Jamie Smart

Get on with it then

Artist Jamie Smart drew a thing about how not to start a new project.

Build your own minotaur

Dave over at Wargaming Tradecraft is at it again, sculpting new heads on to his Hordes miniatures. Painting is a challenge, but sculpting is a whole new world to me, though he makes it look pretty easy. Head over and get a look at his progress if you’re heavy into customizing your minis.

Mutant Chronicles

I loved this movie, and I will love the RPG even harder. If you’re looking for a game set in a mad, war-torn future, look no farther than Mutant Chronicles. The 3rd edition is being kickstarted right now, and even includes some nifty addons like faction dice and miniatures, for some pretty cheap shipping prices, too.


GladOS meets NASA

Speaking of evil AIs, our video feature this week is a partnership with our favourite evil AI and NASA, who come together to explain nuclear fission and fusion.

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