TPKtalk for Jan 18

It’s been a fun-filled week for us. I put up the first episode of my F.E.A.R. full play, and on Monday I record the first episode of a new podcast series for my other blog, Concept Crucible. It’s been a good week in gaming too, and we’ve got some nifty posts for you as well as a Kickstarter that’s basically the thing you’ve been dreaming about since you were a small child. Not that. The other thing.

Meta thinking

Gnome Stew always has great articles, and this week is no different. Martin talks about the meta, the terms of play that exist around the two games he’s involved in. It’s a good way to articulate what your group’s values are and understand what works for them without prescribing terms or practices.

Hungry for hexes?

I’m not just hungry for hexes, I’m practically horny for them. I love the organic way they bring a map together. The only reason I stick with the standard grid is a lack of hex templates for spells, which I aim to fix. This week The Frugal GM reviewed a set of hex maps that are free to use and offer a bunch of different scales, so hooray for hexes!

The stuff of dreams

Ever have that perfect character? You know the one, the one you love but could never find the right mini for? All that has changed. Hero Forge has launched a Kickstarter for a line of custom 3d printed miniatures. Get yours done exactly right, and for a reasonable cost, too.

The big wheel turns

If only this were about Rush. No, James Wyatt at Wizards of the Coast wrote a neat article about creating a cosmology in D&D. I don’t use the Great Wheel cosmology, and I don’t know anyone who does, but I’ve definitely enjoyed some of the fiddly bits D&D has offered to make my outer planes mechanically robust.

Handling henchmen

Dispatches from Kickassistan, a blog with a name after my own heart, has been writing about henchmen all week. My groups have just started picking some up, including a cowardly cheesemaker and a stiff upper lipped first mate for their whalecorpse boat. How do henchmen and hirelings figure in your games?

That’s all we’ve got for this week. As always, you can tweet spiffy gaming stuff with #tpktalk and we’ll get a look at it. Now here’s half an hour of me being terrified and occasionally funny.

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