TPKtalk for Feb 1

Just a short roundup this week, but a good one. A dice rolling hammer, the LEGO you always dreamed of, and some pretty good advice about some pretty good things.

Build LEGO. Win.

No, this is not about that. The LEGO blowjob competition has been cancelled. Instead, go to (using Chrome, the browser of real humans), and build to your heart’s content using digital LEGO in a movable 3d space. Yep.

A violent way to roll dice

When your hand isn’t enough, sometimes you use a dice cup. If that isn’t working, sometimes you get a dice tower. But what if the other players will siege your tower? What if your dice rolls need to be accompanied by war shouts and mayhem? I give you Jorg’s Hammer, created by reddit user wedontknowgames. Here at TPK we’re solving problems you didn’t even know you had.

dnd_1e_old_fullD&D celebrates 40 years

That means that people have been playing D&D since I was negative ten years old. Which is crazy. Real D&D anniversary post on Monday, but in the meantime, congratulate them on a job well done and listen to Ed Greenwood talk about stuff.

Exiting a character

Finally, an actual blog post, easily the best post I read this week. Andy Click writes about how and why a player might exit a character, and how to do so gracefully regardless of the reason. It can be a tricky transition, but Andy offers some really solid advice.

Anyway, come back Monday for a post on the D&D anniversary, and next week for something something love and Valentine’s day. I’m looking forward to it. Once I’ve written it. If you’re looking for a next stop, check out Woot Suit Riot, the Youtube channel where I vlog, play games, and make music noises. Yesterday I sang a birthday song in the freezing cold for Kidsability, a nonprofit that gives support to children with special needs.

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