TPKtalk for Dec 14

It’s our last TPKtalk of the year, so there’s some fun things in store today, including magnetic dungeons, gaming reflections, and some wonderful holiday games.

Friends don’t let friends play Monopoly

Monopoly is bad for you. Play Airlines Europe instead. Learn about this and eleven other great board game gift ideas that you could get for people instead of tired games that have been out for 70 years that no one likes but everyone has heard of.

How do they work?

As someone who just got dungeon tiles, I’m sad that I found this now. But you can make your own totally badass magnetic dungeon tiles with this tutorial from Swords of Legend.


This is, quite simply, a Minecraft opera. Not a music video per se, but an opera set in Minecraft, with a real orchestra. It’s like a reverse machinima, only no–Just watch it.

Live like a gamer

We’re both gamers, and we can attest to all the awesome things that being a gamer can teach you. Wizards of the Coast writer Mark Rosewater talks about some of the things he’s learned in his years as a gamer in his final article of 2013.

Holiday games

Crush your friends in these games (and watch Wil Wheaton get crushed) on the latest episode of Tabletop.


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