How to Make a Character


I’ve been focusing on GMing a lot here, and now it’s time for something different. Starting a new D&D game with brand new players has got me thinking about how we make characters, and some of the important considerations which can sometimes go overlooked. It’s not enough that we make characters, after all. They ought to be good characters. Today I’ll figure out what makes a good character, and next week I’ll talk about some of the system independent principles players can use to make one.  Read more

At My Table: We Think About Roles

I think everybody’s thinking about roles in some way or another when they come to the table. But how we think about roles is going to be as important as what we think about them. Today I want to start by talking about how I encourage people to think about them and why I do that, and over the next few weeks I’ll talk about how roles work in some other games, and whether they work well or not. 4th Edition D&D focuses on roles, and that’s something worth talking about, but first I want to get through what roles mean. Read more