My Do’s

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Today’s post is a bit late in part because there was much fretting about what I consider an essential “Do” in a game. Things like “Cooperate” and “Don’t be a dick” were generally ruled out because they’re true for any game, I would hope. I wanted to narrow down my own foibles rather than digging out obvious truths. Without further ado, my do’s. Not to be confused with my don’ts.

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Lateral Rewards

At My Table

Games like D&D often recommend awarding what I call primary rewards for excellence, things like experience points, or extra treasure. Roleplaying xp is a good example of this, and it serves the function of motivating players as I discussed last month. But rewarding people in these ways can lead to some pretty disheartening gaps, so at my table, we use lateral rewards.  Read more

It isn’t a Problem Until It’s a Problem

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At My Table

When I tell people I like to run 3.5 D&D, one of the responses I often get are “That system is totally broken!” And they’re not wrong. There are lots of points where it’s utterly ridiculous, like the fact that class balance is completely wonky,  some of them can’t even do what they’re supposed to, and there’s a lot of trash abilities and things put there just to fill space. It’s the system my players know and it gives us the complexity we’re looking for, though I’m really liking some of the things I’m seeing in D&D Next. Still, when people bring up brokenness, I say “It isn’t a problem until it’s a problem.”  Read more