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Basically all my favourite posts this week came from various writers at Gnome Stew, which isn’t that surprising seeing as it’s one of the best gaming blogs around. We’ve also got a great video from Epic Level TV. Lightning round!

The Generational Campaign

I’ve always wanted to run a campaign that spans multiple generations, I’m really looking forward to getting the results of the Red Aegis kickstarter to do just that, but even a character focused rather than strategy focused campaign would be really interesting. Don Mappins at Gnome Stew makes some really good points about the essentials of running a generational campaign.

Creating a Campaign

In 6 easy steps. Considered one of the largest challenges in starting a new game, Matt Neagley breaks it down into simple terms. I can’t emphasize enough how important step 2 is. Don’t create campaigns in a vacuum. All writers need editors, and all GMs are writers at heart.


At Campaign Mastery, Mike gives some great tips on how to design monuments and some of the challenges in doing it. I love large setpieces as battlegrounds, elements of a world, and quest hooks, so it was a sure bookmark for me this week.


Last week Chuck Wendig, one of my favourite writing bloggers, wrote 25 things you should know about worldbuilding. As a writer he takes it from a different perspective, but has some solid advice that anyone could use, like “Use write what you know as a springboard to know more things, then gaze upon said things through the lens of the fantastic.”

A. O. Ohhhh

Epic level tv sets everyone straight on attacks of opportunity. Until the next edition, I’m sure.



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