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Belle of the Ball, designed by Daniel Solis

TPK Talk

There’s a lot of neat stuff going on, and we’re starting to get into the swing of things. I’ve been doing some more GMing work designing encounters and dungeons, and our first video came out this week! Starting Monday we’ll be talking about higher education and gaming, and how you can use universities in your setting to broaden the culture and create neat adventures. This week’s roundup has some awesome Kickstarters, a ton of new games to try in different media, and how to use media to augment your gaming experience.

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Lords of Castle Death

World's Oldest Gaming Stones


It’s been a while since we did one of these, but we’re committed to re-committing. I’d say it’s because we were at GenCon, but we weren’t. I’ve been down with the wisdom teeth blues, and Ryan’s been thesising like mad because he starts his phd in a few weeks. Nonetheless, it’s a great week to come back to the roundup and a great week for Kickstarters (also a bad week for my wallet).

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Guitar Pick Lairs

TPK Roundup

This week’s roundup promises some awesome posts, including how to make innovative counters for your games and a new terrain Kickstarter. Add in some advice and a new feature for the next season of D&D Encounters, not to mention Ryan’s personal Reapermas, and it’s been a great week! Enjoy your long weekend, and game on!

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Pulp Magic Habit


TPK Roundup

I’m pulling myself from the throes of my Feed the Beast addiction to write this week’s roundup, in part because I found some totally awesome things this week. If you’ve got some cool gaming news, an interesting blog post, Kickstarter, or game release, tweet it to us at #TPKtalk. Send us all your awesome things! Anyway, this week we’ve got do it yourself pulp covers, using RPG mechanics in your real life, and thinking about politics and magic in games. Read more

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