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Once again I am updating my Wiki with some more setting info. This week we take a look at the Woodsinger Clan of elves that lives in the Nentir Vale and how they fit in with everything else. Lets take a look.

Harken_forestThe largest elvish community in the Nentir Vale are the the Woodsinger Clan elves, who dwell within the south-eastern regions of the Harken Forest. A nomadic people, the elves have no permanent communities within the forest. Instead, they move their camps to new hunting grounds as needed, always striving to keep a balance in the forest and not take too much from any one area.

The Woodsinger Clan is ruled by a chieftain who is advised by a council of elders. At this time Cirdan Treebinder, a powerful druid, is the clan chieftain. He is a cautious elf who tries to keep his clan away from the people of Harkenwold to avoid confrontations. In this the council agrees with him, no sense in stirring up more trouble when they have enough to deal with as is.

Partnerships are treated very seriously among the Woodsinger elves as a bond for life among those so long lived carries even greater weight. As such, couples are branded when they choose to marry, forever marking them as bonded to each other.

Harken DruidThe Woodsingers are hunters and gatherers who live off the land rather than cultivating crops or raising livestock. Nearly every member of the tribe is dedicated to gathering food or protecting the camps with few craftsmen among them. Instead, the elves trade for the goods they are unable to obtain from the forest, notably metal tools and weapons. While Harkenwold had supplied most of these goods in previous years, recent tensions have forced the elves to look to Fallcrest for their trading needs. The focus on woodscraft has made the druids and rangers invaluable members of the tribe and most chieftains and elders come from these professions.

While there are tensions with the Harkenwolders, the Woodsinger Clan is far more concerned with the Daggerburg goblins who moved into the western reaches of the forest over twenty years ago. Since that time they have made Daggerburg keep into a fortress and have pushed further and further east, encroaching on the territory of the Woodsinger Clan. Ongoing skirmishes with the lizardfolk of the Witchlight Fens have prevented the goblins from throwing their full might against the Woodsinger Clan but Cirdan realizes that it is only a matter of time until they do.


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