TPKtalk for Nov 30

It’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday and all manner of other things that we don’t have here in Canada. It’s a busy weekend. However, all of our links are free and contain no calories or trans fats, so take a look around and I’m sure you’ll find something you can take home with you.

Gaming in a crowd

As one of those reclusive gamers who games pretty much entirely either from the privacy of my own home or the semi-privacy of my local pub, I don’t spend nearly enough time in my FLGS playing games. But Mike from Campaign Mastery has written some great tips for gaming abroad (and inadvertantly a reminder of why I do spend so much time in my gamer-cave).

I wish I could play

Mark at Dustpan Games discusses some games his players wish they could play. I think that’s one of the biggest issues with reading so much about games but having a finite mortal lifespan. I want to run 13th Age, Savage Worlds, Dungeon World. Spirit of the Century, Dread, and Burning Wheel, and that’s just off the top of my head.

The power of the reskin

A lesson learned keenly by games like World of Warcraft and Zelda, reskinning can be a powerful tool for GMs. I used it pretty heavily when running my D&D Next playtest, Cody at Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old discusses some of the virtues and some of the pitfalls this week. What was the last creature or item you reskinned?

I hate Scrabble

I do. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. Apparently it’s one of the many things I have in common with Wil Wheaton, like having a beard and living on the planet Earth. this week on Table Top, he plays a different kind of word game, one I like better and that has Elder Gods. these facts are not unrelated.


  • Glad you liked the article, Jim – but the Website is Campaign Mastery not Game Mastery :) Seriously, though, a lot of people probably game at home, just as you do (and as I do most of the time) and don’t appreciate how good they’ve got it. The goal of the article, of course, is to try and make the experience of gaming at you FLGS as close to what you will get at home, at least in terms of enjoyment. More happy gamers can’t be anything but a good thing!

    • Total brainfart there Mike, thanks for the correction. I want to get out more for gaming, and did it for a few years at the university nearby, but as the GM I wind up with a lot for a pedestrian to carry. Dice, minis, books, laptop, etc.

  • It took me a while to come around, but I recommend Fate Core, or even Fate Accelerated Edition over Spirit of the Century. Use the settings & the concepts of Spirit of the Century, but the updated rules.

    I reflavor constantly in 4th Edition. My mage hasn’t cast the same spell twice in a module and a half.

    • I stumbled into Fate with Spirit of the Century, but haven’t really read Fate Core. I’ve been puttering about with their Dresden Files system, but haven’t put a lot of time into it. I love SotC for the cooperative character creation, and I’ve integrated elements of it into all my other games, even D&D. Does Fate Core still do that?

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