TPKtalk for Nov 23

Magic Sword by Capcom

Wicked things are happening this week. If you’re local to Kitchener-Waterloo, you can find me tonight and tomorrow playing at the G33K Art Show, from 6:30-8:00 tonight, and 4:30-6:00 tomorrow! Also, on Wednesday the 27th, we’ll be meeting at 7pm at the Rum Runner in downtown Kitchener for our first GM Jam, where we’ll cackle at the misfortunes of our players and swap tips about what’s best in GMing.

Corporations and guilds in rpgs

I love organizations in settings, and Ilderan tales is really heavy on factions and politics. Charles over at Dyvers did an interesting look at corporations and guilds, and while I don’t necessarily agree with all of it, he did give me some interesting things to think about.   Lords of Waterdeep on iOS I don’t own any Apple devices, but when I found out I could play Lords of Waterdeep on them, I considered buying one. It’s an incredible game, but most of the people I know who play live far away. Now I could play on a tablet whenever I want (which is basically all the time). Downside: people will be playing during my sessions.

How not to run

Undreren at Partial Success wrote a really interesting post about how not to run Apocalypse World. The *World titles are something I’m really interested in but haven’t read, so it’s a solid post for that. Also, I like the way he reflects on how not to do it. I don’t often reflect on the parts of a session that didn’t work. Food for thought.


My favourite Kickstarter this week comes from Laura Graham with Privateer. It’s a game about pirates for pirates.  The gorgeous art, interesting gameplay, and general pirate goodness have me craving this booty.

The joy of the TPK

A topic near to my heart. Andy at Immunerdy has a nifty discussion of how to conduct a TPK, how to get player buy-in on it, and the importance of making it as cool as possible.

On avoiding tv series BS

John Arcadian from Gnome Stew discusses why rpgs aren’t tv. The things that aggravate you about tv shows and movies that happen “Because plot” can have an even more negative effect on an rpg, because they eliminate player agency and often counteract the hard work the players have actually put in to pursuing something else.

The GZA drops some science

Because it’s awesome. Except the video appears to have been taken down. Sad face. So here’s some teens rapping about calculus (which is also awesome).


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