Tin Cans and Diamond Swords


From stories of the mundane, to plots from real life, there’s a lot to see in this week’s TPK roundup! Send us your cool news or gaming stories by tweeting us with #TPKtalk, and we’ll check them out.

The Story of the Tin Can

Tin cans, right? The things that survivalists and your grandparents keep all their food in. They almost weren’t a thing. Learn the whole story, fraught with drama and patents, on the BBC. Every object that we take for granted has a history, it had to be invented or discovered, and put to use by people. What’s one object in your game world that everyone takes for granted, but has an interesting story?

Transhuman: the Eclipse Phase Player’s Guide

Eclipse Phase is an incredibly fun creative commons rpg. I say this in part because of my deep love for transhumanism, but they’re also a great company. The respect they have for their freelancers and their community is profound. And now they’re doing a kickstarter for their Player’s Guide, so check them out.

Gamer Stereotypes

It wouldn’t be a roundup without an A to Z post from Dungeon’s Master, This week he talked about gamer stereotypes, both positive and negative. The picture of a gamer has changed a lot of the years, and we know exactly why. Wil Wheaton. That’s right. he singlehandedly changed things, like a nerdy Hercules. Go read the post.

8-Bit Arsenal

Tony Sutton on Man at Arms makes a genuine blade from Minecraft. That is all.

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