Tiger by the Tail

Wiki Update: Adventures

We’ll get back to advice pretty soon. In the meantime, enjoy a great adventure log update from Robert Stea of Intelligent Designs.

The back alleys of Malkara can be a dangerous place for the uninitiated, and rumours abound about those who have mistakenly made their way behind those of the Crimson Sail. Undaunted, the ranger Elias and adventuress Shayama are in the process of questioning a local information runner, a street urchin named Mike, when Boba Rumblerocks approaches with the package he secured previously. Elias allows Mike on his way, and the travellers converge on their new discovery.

The package, a small envelope held closed by a wax seal, appears to contain no magic or traps, but Boba opts to wait until the group is together to open it, hoping to find some information about their next move. Meanwhile, in the throng of the marketplace, Corrin finds Danger and, realizing that losing the package will surely cost him, offers him a handful of gold pieces and the advice to leave and makes his way back to the group.

Back in the alley, Boba carefully breaks the seal to reveal a small slip of paper with the note “Behind Karnegrith’s tonight”. He and Elias have heard of this person: an independent alchemist working in a shop next to the Monastery of Songs, who while known primarily for his love potions, grew in prominence in the last year creating anti-siege weapons of war. With a new direction, the group find an inn between the market and the Temple of Serik called The Rampant Hero and decide to sit for a drink. Corrin and Boba realize that Spooks is not with them and double back, finding him having checked out all the entrances to the Sail and realizing they are all magically protected – save for the main entrance. He rejoins the heroes and they all head to the inn.

The Rampant Hero is more well appointed than the Inn of the Red Owl, and at this time of day the bar is full of patrons, a primary mix of heroes and scarred wizards. The establishment is run by a kobold named Sven, and staffed by his identical barmaids named Sarah. Over some ale, Corrin, Boba, Elias and Shyama decide to visit the Owl while Spooks, Winifred and Saena head to the Crimson Sail to gather more information.

At the Owl, Elias finds out that Veloche, the second most famous bard in all the land, is going to spend the night, news that has Irina shaking with a mix of anger and anticipation at the sight of the group. Questioning where Mikhail is, she is hesitant to tell us that he is heading to the Crimson Sail to try and make things “right”. Elias flies out to stop him, but is delayed by a confidence man named Jeff claiming to want to work with the group to fill the power vacuum left by Chu’s death. In no uncertain terms, Elias tells him they are not interested and storms off, but Corrin stops him to tell him we may meet him later at the Witch and the Shield.

On the way to the Crimson Sail Mikhail is intercepted by Winifred and her troupe, and while he tries to convince them that he is first heading to the docks, then paying “rent”, he is unable to make them abandon him, and Winifred follows him into the Crimson Sail. Outside, Spooks tries to skulk his way passed the ogre guarding the door, but it hears him, grabs him by the scruff and hoists him into the air. On reflex, Spooks blasts the ogre with a cone of fire, which is almost entirely ignores, pins he cat under its foot, and begins hitting it with its enormous cleaver.

The commotion draws the attention of the bar patrons, and when Winifred realizes what happened, she bull rushes the ogre screaming “Don’t hurt the kitty!” The ogre ignores her and continues to keep Spooks pinned, but now the elf at the door stands up, interested in substantiating the rumors about the fire breathing cat at the Owl. Winifred attempts to deceive him, bargaining back and forth for Spooks with fake names and thin lies, but by now Spooks has set fire to the wooden porch of the Sail with another blast of fire.

Meanwhile, Saena has headed off to the Witch and the Shield, a busting tavern where an orc named Diego waves her over to sit and talk. Saena is searching for information connection the Crimson Sail to the Rilador, and learns that the previous proprietor Eduando did not leave the pub to the Rilador when he died, which cause some bad blood. The current owner is Iasin of the Scarred Sails, but the tavern itself has fallen into Tong hands. He leaves her with the knowledge that should any sort of accident befall the Sail, the Rilador would be grateful, and she heads back to rejoin Spooks and Winifred.

Realizing the ogre will never let Spooks go, and that her “negotiation” with the elf is going nowhere, Winifred grabs Mikhail and pulls him through the fire now coming into the doorway. On her way out, she pulls a blade and deftly slices off the pinned section of Spooks’ tail, while at the same time punting the now free, now bleeding, and now fire breathing cat through the air and onto the street, where the group make the escape back towards Elias and the Owl.

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