The Orphans of Malkara

Wiki Update

For opposites month here at TPK, Jim and I will be taking turns updating each others wikis rather than our own. This week I’ve chosen a topic near and dear to my character’s heart: The orphans of Malkara.

The orphans of Malkara serve as a constant reminder of the harshness of the city. Scores of children make their homes on the streets, finding shelter wherever they can and constantly in search of food.Older warehouses sometimes serve as makeshift homes for these children but there is constant danger of fire and of being tossed out by the building’s owners. Food is even harder to come by and the orphans are forced to steal for their supper. Merchants often hire guards to ward off the children and they are non too gentle in keeping them away.

A lucky few are able to find work and pull themselves off the streets but for most this is the only life they will ever know. Those who are strong or clever enough fall in with the Commona Tong if they survive long enough. Many of the orphans have honed their sneaking skills from their life on the street and the Commona Tong keeps an eye out for those especially skilled in burglary. Those without luck, skill, or strength usually don’t survive.


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