The Chaos Scar

Restwell Keep

Wiki Update

Here again with an update on my setting, I present to you the Chaos Scar. The PCs in my game directed an army of goblins here early on in their campaign. I’m sure that will have no negative repercussions whatsoever.

A long, wide valley between the Ogrefist Hills and the Witchlight Fens, the Chaos scar was carved by the fall of a massive meteor. The arrival of this fallen star was fraught with ill omen, and the place now seems a dark magnet for all that is evil, drawing horrible monsters and people of malign character to make their homes in the valley.

Restwell Keep

Restwell Keep

Dozens of lairs now dot the region with more powerful groups closer to the meteor’s resting place. Many of these groups, including minotaurs, goblins, orcs, kobolds, duager, and others have acquired shards of the meteor and are using them for nefarious purposes. It is rumoured that the main piece of the meteor is controlled by illithids that came up from the Underdark.

Keeping these wicked forces in check are the paladins of Restwell Keep. They keep up a constant vigilance to prevent any of the villains launching attacks on the rest of the Vale. Fortunately, most of the groups are focused inwards, trying to get to the central shard, weakening them and making it easier for the paladins to keep control.

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