Setting Graffiti

Ancient Coin from Gamla archaeology site

Wiki Update

One of the things I love about settings is the little things. The facets of everyday life that often go ignored in the quest to have grand adventure and world-spanning stories. Fact is, you can have just as much of an adventure around a board game as you can with a plague of undead. There’s as much to learn from graffiti as ancient tomes. It’s all about how it plays on your values. Since I’m updating the Vale Tales wiki, I thought I’d add a bit of colour to the Nentir Vale.

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Lacrosse sticks

Wiki Update

It’s fun to invent things for other people’s settings, and when I do, I like to go big. That’s how there came to be a civilization of Eladrin long-removed from the Feywild squatting in the southern plains beyond the Vale. Gebonneauvais (Pronounced “jawbone-of-ass”) is a city of light, colour, and sports. Come with me on this journey.  Read more