Two Birds, One Stone

The Fell Court, by Howard Lyon

Wiki Update

Writing this late at night while I’m editing videos and escaping my Feed the Beast addiction. There’s a post coming about that at some point, I’m sure. Just got back from Ryan’s D&D game where we saved a city from a conspiracy of devil-worshippers. I need to write a character reflection, and I need a wiki update for today, because I was without internet all weekend. Exciting pieces of life. So two birds, one stone, and my first character reflection. I’m going to update HIS wiki. Here we go.

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One of the things I’ve started doing is having players submit character reflections for a modest experience reward. It’s completely optional, and anyone can do it. They have to be a few paragraphs long, and can take any form the player likes, but they have to be submitted by the following game. I’ve posted a few here, and with their permission I’ll be posting some more. Some of the forms they’ve taken include personal journals, letters, and histories from bards in the future, all things that have a physical presence in the setting, and that encourage interaction with other characters. The funny thing is, I’d never thought about this. I’d figured on internal monologues, or external accounts of what the character was thinking. But they took it and ran with it, like in today’s letter, from a sorceress to a young man on a pirate ship she served on for a time.  Read more


Wiki Update: Characters

In addition to the adventure log, every player in my D&D games has the opportunity to submit a character reflection, a few paragraphs on their character’s thoughts about the session. It can be in a journal, an inner monologue, or however they like. The idea is to get people thinking in more depth about their characters and the game, and to reward them for doing so. Here are a few of the character reflections that have been submitted so far.  Read more