History Hooks: Mariccus the God


This week on History Hooks, I am up to my neck in thesis work so the Gauls will once again be gracing us with their presence since I have nothing else on the brain. But, while we focused on the conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar in the years 58-50 BCE last time, today we will be fast forwarding over a century to the year 69 CE and a man named Mariccus who thought himself a god.

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History Hooks: Ptolemy VIII

Jabba the Hutt

Today on Hisory Hooks we are going to look at one of my favourite individuals from antiquity: Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II of Egypt and his rather complicated family history. He was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt, which began after Alexander the Great’s death in 323 BCE and lasted until Cleopatra VII committed suicide in 30 BCE. Lets look and see what a GM can gleam from this troubled Pharaoh.

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History Hooks – Adventures in Gaul

Alesia Surrender

Here on History Hooks I will be examining some aspect of history that can be brought into your games. Everything from historical figures as NPCs to an entire setting from a time and place in the past will be on the table. Usually this will mean focusing on only one element, such as a particular individual or event, but today as an introduction to this series, we will be taking a more expansive look at the topic of my current thesis: Gaul.

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