Robots and Time Travelling Ministers

Mass Effect Valentines

We’ve got some great things in this week’s roundup, from how to be a gaming ambassador to a bunch of incredible art projects, and a warning from Pat Robertson about the evils of D&D. Serious business.

Public Play

Ameron’s still doing his blogging A to Z over at Dungeon’s Master, and this week he had a great post on the opportunities that public play presents. Public Play as a way of being a gaming ambassador. “The mystery of Settlers of Catan or Dungeons & Dragons is revealed as people hover around the table and watch.” Now I need to get down to my FLGS more often and play. Read the full post at Dungeon’s Master.

Love Effect Relay

Mass Effect ValentinesOur friend Rob over at Intelligent Designs is a brilliant graphic designer and a gangster of love. Evidence: he made these encoded Mass Effect valentines for a client. If your love is still classified, this N7 decoder might help unlock it.

This is Not the 80’s

Newsflash, Pat Robertson thinks that D&D is evil, when asked about magic and videogames in an interview this week. He says “We should flee from evil, period.” Now Pat, if you’d played D&D, you’d know that you don’t flee from evil. You fight it. Just saying.

Japan Wins

“Warning: Kuratas is an art piece. It is not a normal vehicle, so it does not guarantee you safety and comfort. However, it makes your dream of becoming a robot pilot come true.” That is all.

The Wonders of 3D

This week on Scishow, Hank Green talks about how 3d printing has gone from humble beginnings to making us capable of printing drugs and molecules. What does the future hold? Printing donor organs and living tissue to order, perhaps. I’m going to go print up some lunch right now, in fact. Have a great weekend!

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