Wiki Update

Today’s wiki update is quick, and more of an upgrade! Obsidian Portal, the site that hosts our wikis, just went through a wicked update thanks to their Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of the summer. Every wiki is more mobile friendly, has some more customization options, and they’re slowly rolling out additional features as they get their code working. This has me really excited, not just because I love having websites, but because I like managing information about my game and encouraging people to participate. So even though it means a big reformat for me, I’m looking forward to overhauling it, and I thought I’d psych myself up by posting a couple of things that I want to do with my wiki.

Wiki Blitz

Co-created content is the best content, so I want to encourage players to create aspects of the setting. Our first wiki blitz deadline is in January, and I’m thrilled to see how it turns out. Players can submit up to three articles they’ve created for the wiki, which receive a sort of grade from me, rated 1-3. The rewards, designed for 3.5 D&D, are their PCs level x50 in xp for a 3, an item worth up to 1000gp for a 2, and a benny for a 3. It’s not zero sum, everyone can win. But in addition to that, each player gets two votes to put toward the submitted articles, and the winner will receive an additional xp reward.

I thought about this a lot, with the worry that it just motivates players with lots of buy in and writing skills in a rich get richer way, but I know I have a few players who are on the fence (you know who you are) and I’m hoping this will coax them off it and into co-creating not just the story but the setting itself.

Easter Eggs

This is something I’ve wanted to putter with for a long time. Easter eggs would be pages not in the wiki’s index but on some of my other sites, or even videos, that reveal hints about setting details or offer adventure hooks that players can use in character. It helps that my setting is pretty high magic and generally spooky, so the notion of people having arcane visions and prophetic dreams isn’t that strange. Still, it could just as easily be “While digging through some old notes, you find a map.” I really want to get players exploring the wiki and taking in the details while they’re there. Of course a non-zero number of those links will go to a rickroll.

In the future I want to host character journals and some of our videos as well, but baby steps. Where do you keep your setting information, and what would you do with a wiki?

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