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In addition to the adventure log, every player in my D&D games has the opportunity to submit a character reflection, a few paragraphs on their character’s thoughts about the session. It can be in a journal, an inner monologue, or however they like. The idea is to get people thinking in more depth about their characters and the game, and to reward them for doing so. Here are a few of the character reflections that have been submitted so far. 

Corrin Togglespark

I am Chaya Fusebolt, junior apprentice of the Lower Maharashtra Antiquing Guild.  The following excerpts have been recovered from the written notes of renowned treasure hunter, Corrin Togglespark, sent home before his passing to his brother, Finsy.  There are many pages missing, and some pieces illegible or unrecoverable. The binding is badly damaged.  Though the manuscripts are hundreds of years old, I will attempt to restore what I can to discover his involvement during that historical time. The notes are as follows, in chronological order:

“… -motely close to the size we were told it would be.  That Professor Haring is as stupid as he is cheap.  We should have asked for more money.   And I should have found a more imposing partner. This cat is completely unhelpful, forcing me to do most of the work thus far.  We’ve been analyzing the situation for three hours now, and the claw seems to stuck firmly in place.  The room is littered with garbage, not one useful thing.  We’re going to need some muscle.  At least the way in was clear.  This has been the simpl…”

“… Divided up seven ways instead of two?  That was barely enough to cover a celebratory dinner and drinks. Thankfully, Haring will have passed on word of us to his colleagues by now.  Maybe they’ll know of something a little bigger.  Not physically, though.  I was aided by a peculiar group, brought together seemingly by luck. I tell you Fins, there’s no other way to explain it.  The Tiefling had been trailing those slavers for days.  I would have just given up, it’s not really my concern.  She worries me a little.  Keeps to herself a lot.  The halfling is a strange fellow, carrying on and on about following the law, doing things “proper”.  That pirate girl gets it the worst.  I can’t tell whether or not this bothers her.  She and her friend choose to keep the halfling around.  He reminds me of that Jaims kid who used to live across from us.  At this point, the only one I can really tolerate is the cat, and that’s because he sleeps most of the time.”

“We’ve been on the road for a week now, having come through the worst weather I have ever seen.  Fidget caught a slight illness, but I managed to keep him warm and it passed.  It’s been difficult, hiding him from the group I’m travelling with. We sought refuge in a cave, occupied by a band of goblins.  They didn’t want any trouble.  The fools I’m helping out go charging in and wipe them out.  Why do I bother wit…”

“…slavers camp.  It was massive, Fins.  And movable, too.  Like they could pick up and leave at any sign of trouble.  Now that’s smart thinking. These others keep going on about their “moral obligations” to free the slaves.  Not one is mentioning the riches inside the camp.  The buyers look to be travelling light, meaning they might be paying in something even better than gold.”

“…right out of the fire!  A completely dreadful thing, like an earwig we’d commonly find at home, though bigger than a carriage. These others do have their uses, I’ll admit that.  I certainly couldn’t have done all the hard work on my own.  That ranger, he would be an interesting one to team with.  His skill with a blade is unlike anything I’ve seen.  His “obligations” and “principles” hold him back from being truly great.  I tell you, were he not drawn to this strange sense of duty, like he owed the world something, he would have been such a help.  Alas, I’ll not dwell on his lost cause, but on the thief. Shyama.  She…”

Elias Blackthorne II

My second week on the road from The Keep and already the world
outside the walls weighs heavily on my heart. Certainly, there is the
daring and adventure Mother once spoke of, and the dealings with the
slavers at Gorrakis would have brought familial pride from Father, but
this evening…

The rain put a chill in our bones, our packs felt twice as heavy,
and in the darkness a beacon: a cave that appeared deep enough to
shelter all our sorrows. Damn our luck! For not more than twenty paces
in though we find a goblin hunting party. Before I can react, faster
than anything that Tiefling pirate starts cutting them down, the bolts
from her fingers mirroring the storm at our backs. In the darkness
then, nothing but the stench of seared flesh and our guilt hung like
shadows on the walls.

I sit here now in the rain, praying it will wash away these sins,
and making note for whoever may read this after that I know I failed
in my duties tonight, but no more. I swear I will find a way to make
this right.

For me. For us all.

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