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Wiki Update: Adventure

We haven’t had one of these in a while, and the game has been going on. Here’s an adventure log update by Bard. Legends of Madjan is live streamed here Sunday afternoons, every two weeks (except when it isn’t). 

While she was typically able to blend into a crowd, all eyes were on Winifred today. It may have been the two handaxes attached to her back. It may have been the long, flowing black cape billowing behind her. It may even have been the tangle of short black hair, usually kept in a ponytail, strewn across her sweat-covered brow. But all odds were pointing at it being the injured mess of a cat she had clenched tight in one hand, leaving a trail of blood behind them, and an older, bearded man, yelling and screaming at her to let him go, being dragged down the street by his belt. With nothing but a stump for a tail, Spooks had definitely seen better days. Mikhail, owner of the Inn of the Red Owl, clearly was not appreciating the public spectacle being made at his expense.

Approaching the Crimson Sail’s front entrance, Saena very quickly realizes her friends are probably not here anymore. The porch is a black mess of cinders and ash, the Half-Elf is talking to two very cross city guards, and the ogre is sitting outside looking incredibly sad. The scorch marks on his face help Saena put together the pieces of what happened. She heads down the street to the Red Owl, the likely spot her friends will have gone to.

Shyama, Boba, Corrin and Elias, heading down from their meeting with a man named Geoffrey, see Winifred hauling ass up the street towards them. “No time to talk!” she yells as she goes running by, and they follow her, Spooks and Mikhail up to the Rampant Hero Inn. Mikhail shakes himself free and runs back towards his Inn, hoping to finally find safety from this band of heroes who keep ruining his life.

Inside the Rampant Hero, Boba immediately starts tending to Spooks’ wound. Winifred starts explaining what happened at the Crimson Sail, and Spooks changes back to Tibbit form. Sven, the inn’s proprietor, runs up to Spooks and offers him a contract to work there; the Red Owl is going to have Velosh, so Sven needs the awesome fire-breathing, shape-shifting cat to compete. After a few drinks, the party returns to the Red Owl.

Saena has arrived at the Red Owl first, and she hears yelling, mainly Irina at her husband. Outside of the two of them, the bar is completely empty. As soon as she opens the door, Saena begins getting yelled at by Irina. Trying to apologize as best she can, Irina shoos her out of the Inn. Two steps outside, and Saena hears a very loud “YOU DITCHED ME!”

Leaving Winifred to yell at Saena about abandoning her and Spooks, Boba and Corrin head inside the inn. Boba tries ordering an ale, and Mikhail tells him to get lost, that he and his friends ruin everything. Boba yells back at Mikhail, and exits the inn. Corrin passes 50 gold to Mikhail and apologizes, then follows Boba out. Outside, Boba is approached by Geoffrey, ready to have their meeting. The problem, of course, if that the party also has a meeting with Malia at the same time. So they split off in two directions.

Saena, Spooks and Winifred head back to the Rampant Hero, where Sven let’s them know there’s a guy waiting in the back. Basically Geoffrey wants to take advantage of a job opening, but there are a couple issues. Firstly, while Chu had his minotaurs for bodyguards, he is sorely lacking in the protection department, and wants to bring the heroes on as a bit of muscle. Not exactly be seen with them, since their faces are now getting more and more familiar, but as indirect helpers.

Secondly, Geoffrey isn’t the only one going after the job; there’s a man named Erik Mayline after it as well, and he sounds like an even worse candidate than Geoffrey, based on everything the party knows about him. During the way, he did some terrible, unforgivable things, and Geoffrey doesn’t want him for a competitor. So he indirectly asks Winifred, Saena, and Spooks to “do a lot of people a favour”, and get rid of the guy. Geoffrey says he’ll buy them all lunch tomorrow, so they have time to think. They decide to find out more about Geoffrey before making any decisions about it.

Elias, Corrin, Boba and Shyama grab a table, and Mikhail serves them some beers without saying a word. Malia comes in, and suggests to the party that they’ve been causing quite the stir, and need to clean things up. She’s willing to act as a go-between for them and their “mutual friend”, since all parties have a mutual interest, abolition. She gives Shyama a blue handkerchief, and says to put it in the window 48 hours from now if we’re interested in pursuing this opportunity, and can clean up the mess we’ve made.

The group from the Red Owl heads over to the Rampant Hero, and everyone heads up to a room they’ve purchased to discuss the outcome of their meetings over a dinner of steamed goose and brandy. The room is lined with lead and cork, and Sven promises the group that there’s never been a scrying eye in the Rampant Hero, so their conversation will be completely private. After a long debate, the party again splits up. Corrin and Shyama head off to oversee what is happening behind Karnegrith’s. Spooks and Saena head off to see Diego, Saena’s contact at the Witch and Shield inn. Winifred, Boba and Elias stay behind to secure rooms for the night at the Hero.

At the Witch and Shield, Saena inquires about both Geoffrey and Erik Mayline. Diego and a friend of his, Charles, give them as much detail as they can. By the sounds of it, Geoffrey is not a serious threat to anyone. He’s by no means a good guy, having smuggled weapons and people during the war, but he’s still a small fish. Erik Mayline, on the other hand, is an incredibly dangerous wizard, and was sent behind enemy lines to kill innocents during the war.

Behind Karnegrith’s alchemy shop, Shyama hides in the dark, while Corrin disguises himself as a homeless Halfling. A couple strolls down the alley, looking like they’ve had a long night of partying. Upon reaching Karnegrith’s, the man, Ovallus, gives Corrin a gold and tells him to get lost; Corrin heads off to the edge of the alley, still able to see shadows of what’s happening.

The couple knocks on the shop’s back door, and a gnome answers. No names are given. A few minutes later, a hobgoblin strolls down the alley, eyeing everyone suspiciously, and holding his hand to his sword hilt. Nobody speaks until the last member of their party shows up…. it’s Malia! She looks impatient, looking around for one more person who is supposed to meet them. Ovallus begins talking about people who are set in place inside the palace, but it will still take a couple of weeks before things are ready. Malia shuts him up. Whatever their plan is, they can’t rush it, it’s costing them lives. She leaves, telling them she has a wizard to go see, and the other people clear off.

Shyama meets up with Corrin, and they start walking back towards the Rampant Hero, ready to break the news of Malia’s deception to their friends.

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