Maps, Adjectives, and Beginnings

TPK Talk

It’s Saturday, which means yet another roundup of nifty articles and tips, including the thrilling conclusion to Mike’s monument post, some thoughts on starting campaigns and Hank Green talking about maps. Go!

Favourite way to start a campaign

Gnome Stew has a great discussion in the comments here about fun ways to start a campaign. My secret is to always make the players do it. They’re usually more creative anyway, and tell a neat story about how they get together.

Art Imitates Life

Roleplaying Tips has a neat post this week with 8 ideas on how to use real world locations in your game. My favouriite is just to explore the place where you live and wonder about mysterious things that could be happening there. Is your local pizza place a mob front? What kinds of strange things go on in your professors office? (I love it partly because my local pub actually used to be the hideout of a rum smuggler).

Adjectivizing descriptions

Mike at Campaign Mastery follows up his post about monuments with a great post about how to describe them. When you’ve built something amazing, it’s important not to shirk the description. Sure the Obelisk Arcanum is large and grey, but why say that when it could be towering and leaden, the cracks in the weathered stone occasionally shot through with glimmers of ancient power?

I <3 Maps

I love maps. I love maps so much that Ryan urges me to write about them whenever I can so that I’ll shut up about maps. Maps of the world, maps of the ancient world, maps that tell us how to prioritize things without explicitly saying, all kinds of maps. And so does Hank Green, so much that he made a video about 42 maps that help him understand the world. We’ll leave you with that, and I’ll see you on Monday.

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