One of the things I’ve started doing is having players submit character reflections for a modest experience reward. It’s completely optional, and anyone can do it. They have to be a few paragraphs long, and can take any form the player likes, but they have to be submitted by the following game. I’ve posted a few here, and with their permission I’ll be posting some more. Some of the forms they’ve taken include personal journals, letters, and histories from bards in the future, all things that have a physical presence in the setting, and that encourage interaction with other characters. The funny thing is, I’d never thought about this. I’d figured on internal monologues, or external accounts of what the character was thinking. But they took it and ran with it, like in today’s letter, from a sorceress to a young man on a pirate ship she served on for a time. 

Dear Josef,

Just as you predicted, my life hasn’t ended just because I am no longer on The Wandering Night.  It has been fair to middling strange though.  I have recently picked up a strange group of companions and I’m not exactly sure how to react to them or around them.

I know you told me that things would and should be different for me, that there is much more to life than the Night and it is time for me to discover that, but thinking things through for myself is no easy task.  I have spent so much of my life following Kangar’s lead and piracy is all I know.  It is important to me to keep the loyalties I hold, but I also see things now I never let myself think of before.

How do I despise slavery from raiders and the Scything Crag and accept it from the Rilador?  How can I be loyal and stand up in this fight?  As you may be able to tell, the group of companions I have attached with are against slavery and though I want to help, I could not betray the Rilador.  It makes things complicated.

Also, I do not know how to talk to most of them.  I have never been terribly good at conversation or friendship as you and your many bruises and broken nose can surely attest to.  How do I grow in this?  I suppose, like anything else, I will ram my head into it until either the problem or my brain cracks and understanding seeps in.

Oh Josef, things were easier on the Night, but I am beginning to wonder if they really were better.  Perhaps you were right and I have been blinded by love of Kangar, but if that is so, where does that leave me now?



How would you respond?

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