From A to Z

We’ve got a lot of great links for you this week. there’s some awesome things going on, including great conversations, new videos, and a couple of hilarious and insightful comics.

Barrier Peaks Adventure


Ameron, over at Dungeon’s Master is blogging A to Z this month, and has compounded this by doing an A to Z post inside one of his A to Z posts. The ABC’s of Eberron gives a great overview of an awesome setting, from Aundair to Zilargo.

Space Barbarians featured a step by step adventure comic this week. Maybe bring more magic users next time. Or pesticide for the vegepygmies.

Do it Yourself

Reddit user J_Webb¬†submitted a quick and easy way of making modular terrain for your battlemap, complete with gridlines. It certainly beats my “Plastic mat and washable marker” technique. Check it out on imgur.


Found this gem when I should have been writing. Not only is JL8 a comic about kindergarten versions of the Justice League, but it plays around with some really interesting themes. here, Book store owner Neil explains the value of stories to Superman. It’s not books that change us, it’s the stories, and the only thing that’s better than reading the stories is telling our own. Read it. Trust me. – Jim

GM’s of Reddit, Unite!

The subreddit r/loremasters is live and starting to bustle, where GMs trade tips and tricks. Get a look at what some other Gms are doing, and collaborate online. Or, you know, post memes and downvote everything. Don’t do that.

On Creative Careers

If there’s one person we love here, it’s Ze Frank. He’s just plain brilliant, and his latest video is great. It applies to artists but also to gaming. the only way to GM is to start doing it, and sort out all the kinks. Everyone makes mistakes when they start, but we learn from them and move forward.

That’s all for this week, we’ll see you next week for another roundup!

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