Free RPGs and Jello


Happy Free RPG Day everyone! Here are a few links for your Saturday as we continue improv month here at TPK.

Edible Gelatinous Cubes

Regular gaming snacks getting boring? Try these gelatinous cubes from the D&D website. Maybe one day I can do a fully edible battle one day.

Early Curtain Call

What do you do when the PC’s kill your main villain before they are supposed to? Dungeon’s Master gives us some good options for solving this dilemma.

Free RPG DayFreeRPGDay

If you’re looking for participating lacations, Free RPG Day has a store locator on their website. Go and grab some free stuff!


Need a setting for an adventure? Gnome Stew provides 50 resources for a GM wanting to send their parties into caves. I particularly like the sound effects.

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