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Welcome to Opposites Month here at TPK. In August, Jim and I will be switching roles: posting in each others timeslots, filling out each others wikis, and taking on topics that our counterpart usually covers. As such, today I’ll be discussing some of the things I would like to do as I gain more experience, as my game grows, and as I start new games.

New Games

EberronAs I’ve stated before, I have only ever been a GM in a 4th ed. Essentials D&D game. I enjoy the system and like my game but I’d love to experiment with other games. Eberron and Dark Sun both hold a lot of appeal to me as campaign settings and I’d love to organize short excursions into those worlds. My first ever tabletop RPG experience was in 3.5 D&D and taking a crack at that system seems like it would be a good challenge. Of course, going outside D&D is also something I’d like to do. Systems like Spirit of the Century which I have had only brief contact with but hooked me right away. I’ll go into more details on other games in a post later this month.

New Groups

My first ever game will be turning a year old very shortly.The roster has stayed mostly the same throughout with only one person joining and then dropping out. This has been great for the group, adding a lot of cohesion and stability. On the flip side, it means that I know how to GM for this group but not for others. At least not firsthand. Having been part of a few different groups, I know that they can differ greatly from each other and what works for one group will fail utterly in another. GMing for more groups will help flesh out my toolbox.This again will be gone into more in a later post.

New Ideas

ReapermasWith all this talk about other games and other groups, I don’t want to leave the impression that my current game is being ignored. I received my Reaper Minis in the mail and am really looking forward to incorporating them into the game. I want to experiment with some 3D terrain to go with the minis. I am planning on expanding into the full 4th ed. system for my players once they reach the 10th level. I am expanding my own setting beyond the one provided by official products and would love to bring some of those elements to the Vale of the party outside of it. Speaking of the party, their background characters and stories will soon take a prominent place in their adventures. As some of these things come to pass I hope I’ll be able to tell you all about them.

These are a few of the things I’m looking forward to doing as an experienced GM. Some of my goals and aspirations for the coming years. What are some of your GMing goals and how do you plan on achieving them? Let me know in the comments.

One comment

  • Spirit of the Century is great fun, from character generation on. I recommend not worrying about stunts, or having all the skills picked before you begin play.

    My goal is to get a new regular group together, as two of my regulars just moved. I’m looking forward to trying a collaborative approach from the start of a campaign.

    I also plan to go to more cons and get into more story games, so I can get some wider experience. Online play play can augment this, and so I hope to keep doing plenty of that.

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