Criminal Ties, part 2

Secret Seeds

Here’s the second installment, with five more secrets about criminal ties. If you like these, let me knows, and I’ll work on making them a more regular thing. If you don’t like them, then head over and check out Headshots from the Heart, which is less than a week away! It’s a benefit I’m organizing for Child’s Play, a charity that donates toys and video games to children’s hospitals around the world. On Saturday and Sunday, you can tune in and watch a live webcast of us playing Borderlands for 24 hours, along with musical performances, amazing auctions, and a lot of fun. Check it out, and tell your friends. We’ve found a way to use our hobby to help kids, which is something I’m really looking forward to. And if we raise $2000, they’ll shave my head while I’m playing. Anyway, on to secrets.

Friends in Low Places

You’re not a criminal, but you have friends that are. Maybe you grew up with them, or met them during a night in jail, but however you came together, they’re on the wrong side of the law. This secret covers a range of relationships, from the person who occasionally employs criminals to someone with criminal friends they can seek help from in tough times. Either way, it can take some explaining.

Just This Once

You just pulled one job. That was it. Maybe you were young, maybe you were greedy, but either way you never made a career out of it. Still, one job can have an awful lot of people connected to it, like cohorts, buyers, employers, victims, and even security. That’s a lot of inconvenient memories which can arise. This secret can work in tandem with one like Leverage, but in a different way. It may not be criminals who are applying the leverage in this case.

Family Business

Whether you’re a criminal or not, you were born into the life. Maybe you grew up in a crime family, or just a band of orphan pickpockets, but you’re connected, and people know it. Even knowing your name might be enough for people to make the connection, which could hurt your ability to get around, or help it if dropped in the right circles. This goes beyond Friends in Low Places by playing on familial relationships. Maybe you have a brother who’s always trying to pull you in on jobs, or a grandmother continually trying to marry you off for alliances. Either way, what can you do? It’s family.

Quitter Talk

Like Just This Once, but you didn’t even make it that far, backing out before the job was finished. There are bound to be a lot of people who are less than happy with that, and some of ┬áthem might be inclined to seek retribution, or merely to make sure you can’t talk about the things you know. Every Quitter Talk secret has a story about a job half completed ┬áthat comes with all of the same characters as Just This Once, only in this case most of them are probably mad at you.

On the Run

One of the most obvious so I saved it for last. Criminals want you. Maybe they want you dead, captured, or for a specific purpose (such as leverage against someone else), but either way, you’re on the run. It’s a meaningful secret because you can bring trouble into the lives of people, or worse, they might turn you in for a reward. It’s hard to spend life looking over your shoulder, but you’ll get used to it, and might even be able to confide in your party.

There you have it, ten secrets relating to criminal ties. I hope you like them, and I hope you’ll check out Headshots from the Heart. Also, the next post here at TPK will be on Thursday, June 14th. I’m taking a bit of a vacation after Headshots, to recover and focus on my thesis. If you’re looking for more gaming content, check out some of the links in my sidebar, and I’ll see you during Headshots, I hope.

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