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Adventure Log

It is late Sunday night, and I just got back from a five day conference. Also, Headshots from the Heart is this week. Oh my. So here’s a post from Legends of Madjan’s adventure log. Look for more wiki updates in the coming months, both from Ilderan Tales, and Ryan’s game Vale Tales. Exciting!

Mikhail, owner of The Inn of the Red Owl, had not been having a good week. For some reason, everybody thought he could use their assistance lately, and none of it ever turned out very helpful. He was delighted to see that in his bar full of people, only one little pesky Gnome – Corrin – was here, and without his friends around, that Gnome couldn’t cause too much trouble. Mikhail would have had a heart attack if he were looking at the door, for a tailless cat had walked in, and began surveying the room with his multi-coloured eyes. Nobody really noticed the cat, for everyone else’s eyes were drawn unto a makeshift stage that was built, covered in several large drums.

Velosh, a famous bard in the region, was one of very few Orcish bards, coming from the distant western sea. A strange rune was centred on his eyepatch, covering his tattooed face; various animal hides and leathers covered him, and he held a small string instrument, playing a few notes in between furious beats to the drums. All of Mikhail’s problems had moved to the back of his head, for Velosh was debuting a lot of new material, and the Inn’s patrons were more than pleased.

After the show, Corrin makes his way up to the bar and compliments Velosh on the show, and invites him to come back to the Rampant Hero to meet his friends, some of whom he feels are worthy of a bard song. They head off, and upon reaching the Hero, Corrin realizes he has a slight problem… He doesn’t know which room his friends are in!

Naturally, after getting a few doors wrong, Corrin finally stumbles upon the perfect room: Saena is trying to sleep, and Winifred is standing in shock as Corrin leads a giant Orc into her bedroom. Spooks sneaks in behind them. After some convincing from Corrin, and a bit of protest from Saena, Winifred tells Velosh the story of how she saved Spooks’ life, at the cost of his tail. Velosh is not amused in the slightest by the story, and tells his own tale about a story of greatness, about the hammer of the gods and the forging of the world. As he finishes, he wishes them a good night and leaves, and Corrin and Spooks get shooed out of the room.

After a long day, everyone gets some much needed rest – though some more than others.

Day 22

Everyone gets up and discuss their upcoming meeting with Jeffrey over some breakfast. They split up for a few hours before the meeting; some go out for a morning stroll, and some go back to bed for a quick nap. They reconvene, and follow Jeffrey into the Rampant Hero’s safe room. Jeffrey isn’t looking so good this morning; he’s apparently had a falling out with some former friends of his, and needs the group to go talk to them, see if they’ll get back on his side.

He then fills the group in on more information about Erik Mayline; a description of Mayline, his Nana, and Danov, the crew that Erik surrounds himself with. He lives about a doctor’s office on Fountain Street, and does most of his business from there. The party decides to go find him immediately.

The house is easy to find. It’s made entirely of wood, and a simple set of stairs leads up to the second floor. The doctor’s office is next to a music school, and the sounds of a beginner violinist can be heard. There’s a simple abjuration, probably an alarm, cast on the door. With a bit of help from Corrin’s Spider Climb, Spooks does some reconnaissance of the house. Inside, an old lady is humming a lively tune, setting a table for three people to settle for afternoon tea. The interior, with it’s fancy rugs and expensive couches, looks quite different than the rundown exterior.

Corrin disguises himself and goes inside the doctor’s office, asking to make an appointment for a friend of his. The dentist inside, a human wearing a white coat, covered in blood stains, introduces himself as Holti Osterrson. The prospect of a customer coming in brings a big smile, ironically revealing three rotten teeth, to his face. Corrin tries to find out when the upstairs residents will be gone, so the noise won’t bother them, and Holti tells him it’s never a problem for them.

Shyama hides in the alleyway, as Spooks returns to the others to let them know the state of things. As they are heading back to Mayline’s place, a large carriage pulls up, and lets out three people. The first is a tall human with a large, bushy beard, carrying in one hand a huge spiked shield – perfectly matching Jeffrey’s description of Erik Mayline. The second is a Dwarf in full plate mail, carrying a crossbow much too large for him. His beard braided in four different ways and tucked into his belt – he matches Jeffrey’s description of Danov, Mayline’s right hand man.

The third person coming out from the carriage is a woman with a bag over her head, being dragged up the stairs by the Dwarf. Her voice is muffled as she tries to scream, but Shyama, who is hiding nearby, can hear it sounds vaguely familiar.

About half an hour goes by, and everyone shows up. Corrin and Shyama reveal that everyone is inside, with a female captive. At that point, they hear a loud scream from upstairs. Saena levitates Winifred, with Spooks held under her arm, up to the window and hurls them through it. Elias kicks the door down with such vigour that it falls off its hinges, onto the rug below, as he, Boba, Corrin and Shyama spill into the room, Saena sprinting up the stairs to follow.

Downstairs in his office, Holti Osterrson hears a crash from above, and the smile returns to his face. There will be blood spilled this afternoon.

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