Border Forts

Ban-Uldud Fortress

Wiki Update

Both Ryan and I use wikis to keep track of details about our settings, and it is awesome. Players get instant access, they can add and create their own content. But it can take a lot of maintenance, requiring both an immediate push and the incremental addition of wiki content. It can be tough to keep on top of that, so we did what we do when faced with that kind of challenge. Make it a job. From now until the end of ever you can come back here on Tuesdays to find new updates either to my wiki Ilderan Tales, or to Ryan’s over at Vale Tales. Both of them are hosted on Obsidian Portal, which is an amazing resource for this. They’re going to get even better after their rebuild in the summer thanks to their recently completed Kickstarter. Anyway, update!

Temir is a wild and dangerous region, and a series of border forts secure its frontier. Originally founded by the Rangers, many of them fell into private hands as the power of the organization waned. Each a sovereign town, practically lawless, these forts attract adventurers and treasure hunters, providing a haven for those who would seek their fortune in the wilds.

Ban-Uldud Fortress

Ban-Uldud FortressFormerly a fortress of the Taer’Sulei, Ban-Uldud fell into private hands long ago, becoming the possession of Heaven’s Ocean, a company of mercenary knights. The signs of Heaven’s Ocean still remain on the walls of the fortress, but it fell into the hands of private warlords long ago, the property of the man or woman with the strength to hold it.

Battered from the recent war, its walls stand strong despite a lengthy siege from the forces of Scything Crag. Its last ruler, General Keziah, weathered the war but could not weather the peace, dying recently in his sleep. Warriors from across Temir and the Samarese City States journey to become the new warlord and command the loyalty of the fortress.

Endamos Keep

Situated on Jemrik’s Breath at the point where the Aelthindaar meets Rill Corwyn, Endamos Keep is a bastion of civilization surrounded by frontier. Its streets are well cobbled and busy, and its breweries are famous throughout Temir and the surrounding lands. The home of Titan’s Brew, Keeper’s Draught, and a number of other fine beers, Endamos has grown wealthy on the local hops. The Keep maintains strong trading ties with Malkara, and the scoundrels of Ildir are always happy to help for the promise of all the drink they can hold.

The lord of Endamos stays in the keep itself, the virtual twin of its sister city, Vorasund. A retired warrior, the lord Vespasian III maintains the day to day affairs of the keep, though it’s said that the merchants who hold the purse strings hold the power.

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