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It’s been an awesome week, and there’s some great things going on. A killer new kickstarter, some nifty posts, and a new video from our second favourite gamer guy, Wil Wheaton. Let’s just get to it.

Using history in rpgs

Ryan isn’t the only person who writes about history in gaming. The Escapist’s Robert Rath recently published an article offering some general advice on using history in rpgs. I really want to run a caper or capture game set  at Woodstock now. Check it out at the Escapist, and let us know what kinds of historical settings you’ve used in your games.

Not all that glitters is gold

Rick Stump at Don’t Split the Party makes some great points on rewarding characters with his post about NPCs as Campaign Rewards. In lieu of even larger piles of gold, valuable relationships can pay dividends down the line. After putting some work into helping his PCs cultivate relationships, they started doing it on their own once they realized the value. Half-price goods or a favour in the right place is usually worth its weight in gold.

War Machine goes digital

Warmachine Tactics logoAwesome and gorgeous tactics game Warmachine, made by Privateer Press, is trying to go digital with a Kickstarter. I’ve already backed it in order to be destroyed by my friends from the comfort of my computer. If you like turn-based tactics, steampunk mecha, or gorgeous models, give it a look.

Fixing bent bits on your Reaper minis

Ryan got his Reapermas last week, and mine is coming soon, but not soon enough. The plastic is pretty different from a lot of other miniature companies though, and the longer pieces tend to bend in transport. Happily, Bat in the Attic has posted a guide to straightening them out using boiling water and an ice bath. I look forward to using it on my own some day. Some day…


Wil Wheaton discusses some of his favourite indie rpgs. Enjoy, and we’ll see you on Monday.


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