Fantasy Grad Students


Having just started a new grad program this month, I have been incredibly swamped. So for Education month here at TPK, I wanted to take a look at fantasy grad students because no matter how bad my workload gets, at least I’ll never have to deal with a dragon. I know first hand what grad students are like in the real world today but what would a fantasy grad student look like? Lets take a look.

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Experienced GM: Other Games

Spirit of the Century

Welcome once again to opposites month here at TPK. As I mentioned last week, I want to go into some of my other game ideas that I would like to do either in addition to my current game or after it ends. I’ll be discussing why I want to make this particular game and what sort of game it will be. Of course between planning my wedding and starting a PhD program in September, I’m not entirely sure when I will have time to do any of this. But it is good to have goals so without further ado: other games!

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Experienced GM


Welcome to Opposites Month here at TPK. In August, Jim and I will be switching roles: posting in each others timeslots, filling out each others wikis, and taking on topics that our counterpart usually covers. As such, today I’ll be discussing some of the things I would like to do as I gain more experience, as my game grows, and as I start new games.

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New GM: Enough Rope


Psychological warfare is one aspect of being a GM that I have not delved into much during my games, at least not consciously. Trying to use some of the tips and tricks Jim outlined in his posts becomes harder when you are too busy juggling all the other things you need to as an inexperienced GM. This is where something I mentioned last week comes into play: letting your players do the work.

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